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Energy crisis glogs


Good websites for the learning of Electricity

Electricity Song

Bulbs in Series and Parallel

Simple explaination on electric circuits

Simple Circuits Tutorial

Interactive learning on Electric Circuits

Learning about Simple Circuits

Changing batteries and bulbs to see brightness

Build your own circuits

Electric Conductors

Cell animations

White blood cells chases bacteria

How does blood clot

How oxygen is transported to the rest of the body

Science Poster and Concept Map rubrics

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i am going to tell you how does octopus and starfish breathes

Starfish:Starfish don't have gills, and they don't absorb water through their skin, instead, they breathe through their feet and through small breathing tubes distributed all over their body.

Octopus:The gills are made up of many feathery filaments. These filaments allow for a larger surface area across which the oxygenated water passes over. This large surface area allows the octopus to pick up more oxygen per breath.

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