Class Matters

Class Rules

Finish your work on time.

Use your time wisely.

Never give up!

My expectations

Character before Achievement

Time to perform, time to get serious!

Class Motto


Class Leadership (for Term 2)

Chairperson: Mulyati & Yao Yang
Subject Reps: Mun Rui, Gloria & Haikel
IT Monitor: Kelly & Kiru
Librarian: Wan Li & Jun Feng
Recycling Champ: Yee Sze & Zhang Yang
Group 1 Leaders: Gloria & Yu Heng
Group 2 Leaders: Jia Ying & Danial
Group 3 Leaders: Siew Lay & Hafiyyan
Group 4 Leaders: Mavis & Zhi Cheng
Group 5 Leaders: Akshaya & Ramdoni

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