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P5 Camp (4 Apr - 6 Apr) @ Dairy Farm Adventure Centre

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The Camp Was Very Exciting As There Are Challenges,Team Building Games And Coorporation games.I hope forward that secondary school camps are going to be more exciting ,more Fearful And hard.i have overcome 1 fear and that is fear of heights.Last But Not Least I Think That Their Food Should Improve. -Isaac Ong 3:)

I enjoyed the camp very much even though it was short and I did not get to try all the activites.I have learned many new things,Resilliance,intependent,bonding with friends and many others. I do wish that we could have many more of this camps before we leave primary school and leave for seconary school.-Zi Kang D:

This camp was quite fun although there are some unhappy things happen to me. I had over come 2 fears, 1st is darkness then height. I really wanted to go again but the food must improve XP Wish that the other schools to have fun! - Wen Qi

Uh-huh agree with Wen Qi i also overcome that kind of fears.The camp was absolutely fun and from there i have been independent, be away from parents,bonding with friends and being resilience thats all i know the rest i don't know.~SITI ^^

Umm…..For me there is nothing to be afraid of but i just don't understand why some of my classmates is so scared about height or dark. As for what i have learn is i learnt that we should always COOPERATE, BE UNITED, STAY AS A GROUP. Hope everyone enjoy their stay in the P5 camp. =Yee Sze o.O

The camp was one of the best camps I ever had.I can overcome my fears and get to know more about my friends of the opposite gender.Also,I get to wear the t-shirt designed by me and Hui Shan…>.< Kelly>.<

I like the camp because it was fun. Especially the nighthike and the flying fox and the campfire. I learnt to co-operate in some of the games. I wish I can try the flying fox everyday. It's so fun - Siew Lay

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